Hope International Ministries

Unleavened and Unveiled

In the heart of the city, nestled amongst bustling streets, our church’s doors opened wide, welcoming all to experience the depth of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday. This year, Hope Kuala Lumpur embraced a theme that spoke of reflection and revelation: “Unleavened & Unveiled.”

On Good Friday, the sanctuary was filled with solemn reverence. We started with a spoken word presentation, with words that cut to the core, and painted a message of Christ’s sacrifice. This was followed by a compelling sermon by one of the young working adults. With passion and conviction, his words resonated deeply, stirring hearts and minds alike. The sermon was followed by communion, and a song was presented by a youth to share how Calvary’s enough, allowing the congregation to reflect and to prepare their hearts for the communion.

Throughout worship that night, voices rose and fell, carrying the weight of the crucifixion story. The congregation, moved by the spirit of the moment, continued to shout and praise God even after the last song ended. It was a moment that would be remembered long after the echoes of their praise had faded, a testament to the power of God’s love and the beauty of true worship.

Easter Sunday dawned with the promise of new beginnings. The youth took the stage with an interpretive dance. They moved with grace and fervour, their dance a celebration of the resurrection. With each movement, they proclaimed, “Sunday is coming!” Their performance was a joyful declaration of hope and victory.

This dance had been meticulously prepared for over two months, with the youths pouring their hearts and souls into every practice. Each step was a testament to their dedication and faith, as they sought to convey the joy and significance of the resurrection through their artistry.

Pastor Simon also delivered a passionate message about Hope Unveiled on Easter morning, inspiring the congregation to embrace the transformative power of the resurrection. The combination of Pastor Simon’s sharing and the Ablaze team’s powerful worship created a deeply moving and unforgettable Easter celebration. 

Throughout the weekend, the theme of “Unleavened & Unveiled” wove its way into the hearts of the congregation. Like unleavened bread, they were reminded to cast off the things that weighed them down, embracing purity and simplicity. And like the unveiling of hope, they were encouraged to see with new eyes, recognizing the beauty of redemption and resurrection. The celebration had been profound, a testament to the power of faith and the joy of new life found in Christ.