Hope International Ministries

Elevate! Hope Fest 2024

Hope Fest is the annual gathering for Hope UK churches during Easter with the theme “Elevate.” We want to elevate ourselves to be effective for the Kingdom of God. We had 151 delegates from Hope Leeds, Hope Hatfield, Hope Newcastle, Hope Malton, Hope Remote, and Hope London, as well as delegates from Germany and France.

The camp kicked off with an ice-breaker. It was great to see brothers and sisters engaging with one another to keep the ball rolling, shoulder to shoulder. What a way to unwind from the day’s traveling and to get to know new people as well as to reconnect with old friends.

There were uplifting and inspiring teachings throughout the camp. Ps Tino drove home the importance of the fellowship of believers based on Acts 2:42-47. Sis Esther and Sis Hilary shared on 2 Peter 1:3-11 about the seven virtues we must pursue with the help of the Holy Spirit. Ps Eldos gave a powerful message that resonated with everyone about cracked pots based on 2 Corinthians 4:6-7. Bro Harold from Hope Leeds delivered a message from John 20:19-29 that reminded us that we are empowered to believe. Ps Prakich encouraged everyone with a message from Exodus 4:1-17 that when God calls us into the mission, He is the one who equips us with His approval.

On the last day, Ps Prakich, Ps Eldos, and Ps Tino answered questions on how to engage, enhance, equip, empower to elevate in our journey with Christ. Different perspectives offered encouragement to the different stages of our walk.

Throughout the camp, there were other activities that allowed the delegates to learn, have fun, and mingle. There were 2 sessions of workshops with topics ranging from Bible knowledge, intercessory prayer, leadership to practical ones like time management and mental health. There were exhilarating outdoor activities which included a high rope course, zip line, aerial trek course, power fan jump, and archery. The kids were treated to an inflatable challenge course at the same time.

In the “Hope Got Challenge,” the delegates were challenged to pick a skill, get trained for half an hour, and present their newfound skill. We had traditional dance, TikTok dance, singing, impromptu acting, acapella band, and spontaneous speech.

To grow prophetically, we set up an encounter room for creative prayer where people can come in to pray and use art to make something and encourage someone else. We also had prophetic sessions. The response has been very encouraging, and we hope to see more of it next time!

Resurrection Sunday celebrates the new hope with Christ, and what better way to be reminded of this than water baptism. 10 brothers and sisters declared their obedience to Christ and celebrated this new chapter with the Hope UK family as witnesses.

What a victorious camp it was! He has blessed us with a family who love and support each other. We are all so different, yet united by our vision to make Christ-centered disciples and plant churches. All glory unto God.