Hope International Ministries

One Saves Three: Blood Drive

Encouraging the public to donate blood with the mantra “One pint can save three lives” is crucial. Hope Church Kuching and Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) exemplified this by collecting 52 pints, potentially saving 156 lives.

The Good Samaritan Ministry (GSM) of Hope Church Kuching, in collaboration with SGH, aimed to recruit 50 donors at Hope Church Kuching for a blood donation drive. William Law, the head of GSM, expressed his joy with consistently organizing such drives to benefit the community.

“Starting from 2008, we’ve been arranging blood donation events three to four times annually or whenever SGH is accessible, welcoming anyone willing to donate blood,” he expressed.

Law elaborated that the inspiration for hosting the yearly blood donation campaign originates from the ministry’s theme—’Giving Hope, Touching Lives.’

“In addition to spreading the gospel within the church, our aim is to stay current and actively contribute to our community,” he elaborated.

Furthermore, he emphasized that blood donation not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also symbolizes vitality.

“If someone is able to donate blood, it signifies their wellness, embodying a cultural aspect we should aspire to as human beings,” he remarked.

Hope Church Kuching has successfully donated approximately 2,000 pints of blood over the past decade, with a high success rate among donors.

Looking ahead, Law affirmed that GSM plans to continue organizing blood drives, with another one scheduled in November, inviting the public to participate and contribute to this noble cause.