Hope International Ministries

Shining Bright

Hope Canberra gathered for our church camp over the Canberra Day weekend, from 9-11 March 2024, anchoring on the theme of SHINE. We were honoured to have our Senior Pastors, Pastor Wilson Lim and Pastor Lai Ling, as the guest speakers at our camp. They taught and imparted principles of shining in our world, encouraging the church to be a godly influence in our workplaces, neighborhoods, families, and schools. 

Through our workshops, Pastors Wilson and Lai Ling also shared practical and biblical values with our married couples, parents, and young adults on marriage, parenting, and discipleship. We were immensely inspired by how they exemplified their faith, and we are grateful to have spent time with Pastors Wilson and Lai Ling on a more personal level throughout the camp.

Our kids were shining in camp too! They enjoyed and participated in a fun-filled and exuberant program filled with games, sports, and activities where they experienced Jesus and bonded with one another.

One key highlight of the camp was our ministering night. Everyone came together in a unified voice to worship God. There was a tangible presence of God in the room. We witnessed healings, prophecies, breakthroughs, fresh encounters, and renewed convictions. It was evident that everyone was in total yieldedness towards God. Many of us were baptised by the Holy Spirit too! After the camp, we continued to hear testimonies of courageous faith and how we can be used as vessels to shine in our everyday world.

We also celebrated Hope Canberra’s 10 Years Leadership anniversary of Pastor Patrick and Sarah! We were filled with thanksgiving and celebrated God’s faithfulness in our church. We recounted our journey and growth through our early days. Pastors Wilson and Lai Ling acknowledged the work of Pastor Patrick and Sarah, the leaders, and members who continually and sacrificially poured into building Hope Canberra, with zeal, passion, and unwavering commitment. We look forward to a vibrant and God-filled future!

Through games, sports, activities, and meals, this camp allowed us to forge friendships and to know one another deeply. This camp also drew a huge turnout from many first-time students, families, and young adults. It was no surprise that a creative element of our church was discovered through media production, lifegroups skit, and games! Kudos to everyone who contributed to the camp in different capacities and made it a roaring success! It was heartening to see many were recharged, encouraged, and in expectation for the next camp.