Empowered to Impact

It was an IMPACT-ful weekend for Hope Church Melbourne as they has their annual church conference. Read more on this edition of Advance.

A Joyous Baptismal Day

There is rejoicing in the Heavens when one sinner chooses to come in humility in repentance. Read about this joyous baptismal day for Hope Los Angeles as they experience the public declaration of faith in one spirit!

I am Alive!

As Christ-followers, we have been raised from the dead and made alive in Christ. The old has gone and the new has come. Read this story about Hope Brisbane’s annual church conference as they focus on being alive in pursuing God’s calling.

Mirror Discipleship

Discipleship was a great part of Jesus’s life and so is ours as Christ-followers. Read this story about the crucial role of discipleship and how it’s being implemented in Hope Africa.

Overflow to Outflow

Nothing can come between us when we choose to come together as a family to fulfill the Great Commission—whether race, personality, or even a pandemic. Read about how God transformed lives through the annual HIM Oasis Camp 2022.

His Power in My Weakness

Sometimes, insecurities and doubts creep up in our minds which tends to waver us from answering the call to become a mentor. Read about Tony Tran from Hope Brisbane as he chose to answer the call despite the constant battle with his insecurities and doubts.

Victory through Water Baptism

The victory of the resurrection personified in the hearts of these brothers and sisters. Read more about Hope Kuala Lumpur’s water baptism that happened last Easter in this edition of Advance.

We Don’t Give Up

A good mentor does not give up easily. Read about Jingle Ortiz’s journey of mentoring in this week’s Advance.

Hope UK Region 3 Easter Camp

The Lord not only wants to transform us, but also the lives of those around us, through us. Read about how this camp was a blessing for Hope UK Region 3 in this week’s Advance

HIM House of Prayer

On this week’s Advance, read about Ps Lai Ling’s heart for the nation with HIM House of Prayer. Let us come together in prayer as a family.