Hope International Ministries

Hope UK Region 3 Easter Camp

On the 15th – 18th of April 2022, Hope UK Region 3 churches came together for the first time since the pandemic in 2020 for our Easter Camp!

Held at Shropshire Pioneer Centre, the theme for our camp was “Transforming Lives Everywhere”. This camp was like a long-awaited family reunion for the churches in Region 3. 

Before the camp, we decided to do a 40-day fast and pray together with everyone in the church. During the initial preparation, we were expecting 50 attendees. In the end, 71 people, including adults and children registered for the camp, coming from Hatfield, Newcastle, Oxford, Southampton, London, and even Dublin. Praise the Lord! We were also blessed by Hope Leeds who sent four brothers and sisters to help with our children’s church program so that parents could attend the sessions.

Over the weekend, we heard from Pastor Eldos (Hope Hatfield), Matthias (Hope Oxford), and Hansen (Hope Newcastle) on how the Lord transformed their lives. In particular, Hansen mentioned how his first shepherd’s own transformation and Godly love towards others in turn influenced and led him to Christ. The Lord not only wants to transform us, but also the lives of those around us, through us. Responding to the need, Sabina and Hilary also stepped up to preach at the camp for the first time. 

As we worshiped and prayed together on Saturday evening, Pastor Eldos and the leaders ministered powerfully, and many stepped out to be prayed for and sought the Lord. There was reconciliation, response to calling and surrender. The movement of the Holy Spirit was evident. Two members decided to get baptized and pledged their allegiance to the Lord; another two members were touched by the Holy Spirit and accepted Christ. We also celebrated the birth of two babies and dedicated them to the Lord. Every day we heard many testimonies of life transformed; He is real indeed!

During the last session, we were challenged to not only be believers, but also disciple-makers. We not only want to be transformed by God, but also transform others! This camp truly came as a huge blessing for us, to be able to come together once again to celebrate Christ as a tightly knitted family!