Hope International Ministries

A Spirit-Filled Life

More than 30 of us from the Hope Tokyo family gathered for our yearly church camp at Nikko from 7th to 9th October. With “A Spirit-filled Life” as our theme, our hearts were set on drawing nearer to God and having deep encounters with the Holy Spirit. 

Through the love and grace of God, we had a wonderful time connecting with each other through the ice-breaking game, spontaneous skits and casual chats over meals. Not to mention soaking together in the onsen (hot spring) while the temperature outside was a cool 10°C! It was truly a blessed time when we could just relax and unwind. Meanwhile, sessions of praising and worshipping God drew our hearts closer to Him and gave us the privilege of expressing our love to Him in return. 

We were also greatly encouraged by the teaching and preaching of the word of God by our guest speaker, Ps. Kwong Lie and the workshops arranged for everyone. From the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the testimonies of brothers and sisters shared during the camp, it was clear that the Holy Spirit had stirred their hearts, opening their eyes to see and setting them free through revelations given to them. 
On the 2nd day of the camp, we also rejoiced over one of our visitors from Thailand who made a decision to welcome Jesus into her life! Even though we were reluctant to leave the camp setting and return to our normal daily lives, we believe that the future will be anything but normal because God will do great and mighty things in us and through us under the guidance of the Holy Spirit!