GLC23 is coming soon!

Global Leadership Conference is an annual gathering of leaders from HIM global family. The next one will be happening in Kuching. Find out what is in store for you in GLC23 from Ps Denis and Ps Hai Eng. We welcome you to Kuching!

Stronger Together

The heart of serving is all about getting involved. Read about Hope Leeds Summer Camp in week’s edition of Advance.

A Harvest Celebration

God has blessed us with a bountiful harvest this year. Join the celebration of “Ngiling Bidai” with Hope Kuching Spero in this edition of Advance.

From Orphans to Sons

We are no longer orphans as HIs abounding love has made us His sons and daughters. Read this story about how His sons and daughters transformed from orphans to sons at Hope Canberra’s Camp 2022.

Out of the Grave

In every trial, there is a testimony. Read this story about Hope Kampar’s water baptism day as a baptizee shares about her trials which transformed her into a Christ-follower.

The Lord Added

Amidst the healing and deliverance, the numbers added up in Hope Liberia. Be inspired by this story on this edition of Advance.

Empowered to Impact

It was an IMPACT-ful weekend for Hope Church Melbourne as they has their annual church conference. Read more on this edition of Advance.

A Joyous Baptismal Day

There is rejoicing in the Heavens when one sinner chooses to come in humility in repentance. Read about this joyous baptismal day for Hope Los Angeles as they experience the public declaration of faith in one spirit!

I am Alive!

As Christ-followers, we have been raised from the dead and made alive in Christ. The old has gone and the new has come. Read this story about Hope Brisbane’s annual church conference as they focus on being alive in pursuing God’s calling.

Mirror Discipleship

Discipleship was a great part of Jesus’s life and so is ours as Christ-followers. Read this story about the crucial role of discipleship and how it’s being implemented in Hope Africa.